This week’s post is going to be all about the Retro Glam mascara, new from Rimmel. Now, I absolutely adore Rimmel, I believe they are one of the best drugstore brands out there. So when I saw this was coming out in the U.S. too, I had a slight excited freak out!SAM_3185This is what the packaging looks like, really lovely and sleek! Since this is a “retro” mascara it would make sense that it would mainly be for VOLUME! Take Twiggy for example, the starter of MOD fashion, her lashes were long, yes, but more importantly they were so crazily thick and voluminous! The actual mascara looks like this Image The wand is absolutely perfect, it is an hourglass shape to get an even distribution of product on the lashes, from root to tip. It gives you complete control over how much product you want on your lashes, and it does NOT clump! Image As you can tell, the bristles vary in size, this creates that intense retro look, without being over-powering. This mascara kind of reminds me of my Alexa Chung for Eyeko mascara, and I LOVE it!!

ImageThis was after seven and a half hours of wear, without reapplying! It still looks pretty top notch to me! My lashes are still coated from root to tip, they still have no clumps, and they still look rockin’! Overall, this is definitely a hit mascara for me, and I will be repurchasing for a very long time!☺


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