ImageFirst let me just say, this box is awesome. 

Okay, now seriously, I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my LUSH order and it finally showed up! Image Oooh goodies!☺

           So the first thing I pulled out of here was my Rose Queen bath bomb; it smells like heaven. Image


I am super excited to put this in my next bath and come out smelling like roses. See what I did there? Haha. Anyways, the reviews on this were great and I also just love rose scents. 

Secondly, I got the Aquatic Toothy Tabs. I have been using these since Wednesday, and I am in love. They smell like tea and jasmine, it is just lovely.


On to the next purchase, I got Lemony Flutter. This can be used on dry, cracked skin and it smells so great. It smells like *sniff-sniff* lemons☺


And lastly, I purchased the Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. Now I like the scent of this, but it definitely is not as feminine and floral as the other products. It is a bit more masculine scent but I love it!


This product works so well, all you have to do is keep scrubbing. I can feel it cleaning out my pores and exfoliating my skin, I highly recommend it.

I hope that this post has helped you if you have been wanting some new things to try! Until next time,


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