We’re Calling it a Zombie Apocalypse.


It has been established that the persons who have recently died, have been returning to life and committing acts of murder.

Greetings all! I have really wanted to do a zombie tutorial, so I asked my brother if he would be my model! I will now show you how to achieve this look!

First step, apply a very pale foundation. You might also want a primer if you have any redness, large pores, or oily skin. 


After you have applied as much foundation as you would like, time to move on to contouring! I started off with a light grey and gradually built my way up to a dark brown/grey. I also made his eyebrows darker and more prominent. 


Next, I started blending some red into the mix of things. Around the eyes, around the mouth, around the nose, you get the picture! Also, I applied the base for the lips.


At this point, he is looking a bit wacky. It is okay, stay calm! Next thing to do is pull out your favorite black pigment and deepen all of the contours, the lips, and the under eye circles! You want your neck to look boney and bloody as well!



It is already starting to come together! Now, time for some face paint! Grab a red and yellow, and simply create outlines for the wounds we will create. Add the yellow to areas you would like to be infected.


Finally, the best part, the blood. Fake blood of course! Add this wherever you like and however much you like!


The wave of murder that has been sweeping the eastern third of the nation is being committed by creatures who feast upon the flesh of their victims. 


Hope you all enjoyed! The lyrics I added are from Zombie Apocalypse by Vaski. Check it out here!

Love you guys, see you soon!☺



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