Nutritious & Delicious Homemade Juice Recipe


Hello lovelies! Today I am going to show you how to  make this super easy, yummy, AND healthy juice. Enjoy!

First step is to choose a leafy green base, I always reach for spinach. Then just choose as many or as few fresh/frozen fruits as you heart desires. SAM_5076

As you can see, I chose a handful of frozen fruits, a red delicious apple, banana, and some fresh raspberries!

Now, make sure you wash and cut all of the fruit up into small pieces for easier blending.


I am quite certain that you all know what comes next… The blending! First, place your fruits and spinach in the blender then add about a glass and a quarter of water, and finally blend that juice!




Now, just pour your juice into a glass of your choice, I like to use Mason Jars!


Sprinkle a little bit of granola on the top, add some spinach leaves, and VOILA!



I usually pair a bowl of granola with this juice, it works really well together. I used an organic pumpkin and sunflower seed granola, which has been my current FAVORITE!


Thank you so much for reading, and happy juicing!




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