How to: Natural Looking Contour Routine

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all having wonderful days. Today I am going to talk about how to do a natural yet flawless contour routine. I hardly ever wear this much makeup, but I do think that it is fun to wear sometimes! Let’s begin!


The first thing that you will need to do is prime your skin, I gently exfoliated my face/neck and then applied Lush Grease Lightning to my problem areas. I also applied some of MAC’s strobe cream all over my face!


I always apply my contour shade first, blend it out, and then I apply my highlight separately. For my contour shade I used a mixture of the darkest color in the Morphe brushes creme contour kit mixed with the second darkest brown in their concealer palette.

I placed the contour under my cheekbone, around my forehead, a tiny bit on my nose and chin, and along my jawline. The most important thing to do is blend this out! I used a Real Techniques Contour brush and finished by blending any left over harsh lines with a damp sponge.




Time for my personal favorite, highlight! I used the two lightest concealer shades in the Morphe concealer palette for this. I apply my highlight to my nose( bridge and alae), my chin, Cupid’s bow, under eyes, cheekbone, center of forehead, around my eyebrows, and under my cheekbone contour but above my jawline. To blend this I used the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and the same damp sponge to blend it into the contour.





Then apply blush, bronzer, and any powder highlight of your choice. I used a Rimmel cream blush in Sunkissed Cherry and a Femme Couture mineral blush over the top of that, the shade is soft spoken pink and it is gorgeous. I used NYC’s bronzer in Sunny, it is honestly a staple product and at its price it can be for everyone! Lastly for a highlight I used MAC’s Soft and Gentle, of course.



The last step is totally optional, if you want you could stop here and powder how you normally would. However, I am going to tell you guys how to use SoniaxFyza’s buffing technique. If you want to see it in action, click here to watch Wayne Goss describe the process and how to do it. All you do is after applying your face makeup, ALL of it, take a powder of your choice(I think Sonia and Fyza use a Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder) and a buffing brush, I used the Real Techniques one. Now, apply the powder to the brush and just start buffing it into your skin. This will NOT mess up your hard work, it will simply blend everything and make it look airbrushed. Make sure you are continuously reapplying powder to your brush and buff, buff, buff! I think this is one of the most stunning ways to create a flawless base for your eyes and lips to sit back on. If you want to wear this out I would use a setting spray, I love the NYX dewy finish spray. This does not feel heavy on the skin at all, and it actually makes your skin feel like skin! My biggest tips on how to be successful with this method… 1) MOISTURIZE like crazy! Your skin needs to be super hydrated so this doesn’t look flaky at all. 2) Keep reapplying powder when your are buffing 3) BUFF, BUFF, BUFF, don’t be scared of it!




I hope that you guys found this helpful in some way, I think it is just the most beautiful way to achieve a full coverage base. Let me know if you have tried this technique and if you like it!



These are just a couple more pictures of the face, one closeup and one outside! I used Bambi liquid lipstick by Anastasia Beverly Hills on my lips(apply it with a little lip/concealer brush, no more lines or creasing when it dries) and ABH Punch Fuschia under my eyes mixed with Beigely and Coal. I also used Coal for my wing! My brows are ELF’s brow kit in dark, using the darkest color.

Thank you for reading!



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