Basic SFX Tips- Bullet Wounds and Lacerations

Hello again! This should be helpful for SFX beginners. I used the same base products for all of these looks, let’s get started!

Bullet Wound


Start out with a tiny little bit of scar wax, you can find any sort of wax similar at Halloween party stores for a reasonable price. I used a cotton swab to shape it and “cut” out the circle in the center.


For the painting, I used a black gel liner into the center and then used my Skin Illustrator palette for the bruising. However, you don’t need to buy the skin illustrator palette just for Halloween, cream paints from any store or even just eyeshadows will do the trick. Remember to always start out with less product and slowly build up!


Add your desired amount of blood to the center only if you are going for a more realistic wound. Obviously, it is Halloween, be as gory as you wish! One thing to remember though is to never try and defy gravity, as in don’t have the blood dripping in an unnatural way.

Laceration Scar


For this, all you need is your wax and a taupe eyeshadow. Simply blend the wax into the desired shape and blend some shadow onto the edges and lightly over top of the scar. This would be amazing if you were going to be Harry Potter for Halloween!



For this laceration, simply take two equal size strips of wax and lay them so that you have your desired gap for the cut in between. I wanted mine to be fairly large, so I left plenty of space. After that, I also added a layer of liquid latex, which is completely optional. Now time to paint! I did the same bruising technique for my laceration as I did for my scar and then added more black gel liner for depth in the deepest parts of the cut. I finished it off with a touch of blood in the center of the cut and blended it out to make it a bit more realistic.


I hope that this was helpful and you learned something from it! Let me know what Halloween looks or tips you would like to see next!



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