Review: ABH Liquid Lipsticks

Hello you guys! I am back with a review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lip in Catnip. I bought this partially for the name… Don’t judge! Anyways, let’s get started with my thoughts.


Now obviously, this color is absolutely stunning. I love the formula of these lipsticks because they aren’t horribly drying, and my lips don’t end up looking like a naked mole rat. The pigmentation of the whole range is absolutely perfect. I do believe that they redid the formula with the newest liquid lips, and I like it so much more. I bought Bambi(neon blue-toned pink) last year, and did not buy any of the other shades. I really didn’t like the formula of it that much, I just loved the color. I have ended up using it for eyeliner instead!

IMG_0982  The formula of this guy though… OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am obsessed. I also have the shade Crush, which is my perfect nude lip. Ugh. So perfect. Anyhow, back to Catnip, the shade is such a wearable deep pinky mauvey purpleish color, basically perfect. But really, if you are a little bit unsure about bright colors, but you want to rock the bright summer lip trend, here is your color!


BUT, there are always flaws, in anything. Here they are… First things first, I would not wear this shade if I was going to be eating food with any oil. You have probably heard this already, but oil is what you use to remove liquid lipstick so unless you want to take it off, I would recommend avoiding it. The only other thing that I don’t love about these lips is that you can’t really reapply without starting over completely. This is true with the majority of liquid lipsticks, but I just wish it was possible to do!


This is what the lip looks like after eating about a cup of vegan ice cream. Also, if you want to see how odd I look eating ice cream follow me on Snapchat, @chatterboxmali! It is kind of embarrassing! I hate eating cold ice cream, but I really wanted ice cream. Needless to say, it most likely would not wear this much just from vegan ice cream on the normal person!

I hope that this was helpful and that I gave you guys some clear points about why these are my favorite liquid lips on the market. I am obsessed. Also, in my wildest dreams would this be sponsored, just a disclaimer!


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