10 Product Holiday Makeup!


Hello lovelies, I hope that you all have a wonderful, safe holiday season no matter your beliefs! Now onto this super easy, ten product, classic, and fantastic holiday face!


First up, I decided to try the Coverall collection from WetnWild. They are one of my favorite brands because they’re cruelty-free and they don’t break the bank. *cough-cough* YSL, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, etc. *cough-cough* I actually used this foundation as concealer too. I don’t normally use primers, but I have tested quite a few. This is one that I could use every time I apply makeup, it creates such a flawless texture to apply the foundation to. 10/10.


What can I say? I love WetnWild face products. This powder duo is stunning! The shades blend out beautifully and the highlight shade is gorgeous for under the eyes. I always use a fan brush to apply my contour shade, and then I will go in with my Beauty Blender to soften the lines.


This is the only non-drugstore product, and it is so worth it. Becca highlighters are the most beautiful powder highlights in the WORLD. But if you don’t feel like spending $38 on a highlight, I always buy shimmery eyeshadows that suit my skintone as highlight shades. You can use any product anywhere on your face. That is the beautiful thing about makeup, no rules!


This. This. This.

I am obsessed. I am a huge sucker for drugstore setting sprays because the majority of the time I forget to use them… So I don’t like to spend an insane amount on something I will only remember to use a couple of times a  month. BUT this is so delightfully light and you just feel it absorb the excess powders, and you can watch it melt the products together, and ugh. Please, it is $4.


For the eyes, I always use the NYX brow mascara or the ABH, today I used NYX in Espresso. So good, so cheap, so cruelty-free. For liner I used the Ciate London liquid liner in black. Not my favorite at all, but I haven’t gotten around to buying a new one. THIS MASCARA! If you haven’t tried the Jordana best lash extreme mascara, get $2 and try it. Please. So stunning just make sure to wipe the excess product off of the wand before you apply. I also used Ardell Wispie Cluster lashes, style 600. So pretty and fairylike.

Okay, so I am not going to promote the next product in anyway because it is not cruelty-free. I need your help to find the best cruelty-free red lipliner. I have had this one forever and I haven’t been able to find a cruelty-free shade that’s as bright and blue-toned as this one. Comment below your fave red lipliner, cruelty-free!

I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this, and I hope that you get to spend time with people you love.


How to find cruelty-free makeup: http://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/list-of-cruelty-free-brands/


1 thought on “10 Product Holiday Makeup!”

  1. So glad I found this post! I was about to ask you about cruelty free products as I noticed you are vegan and I’m trying to slowly transform my make up draw to 100% cruelty free products! I’ve just found the link with the list of brands on which is fab! Your make up looks great✨ amazing xx

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