3 Christmas Outfit Ideas🎄

Last minute outfits to go with your last minute makeup! I put together three outfits that are super funky, and super cute. Two are appropriate for public, while the third is more for the homebody…


Outfit No.1

How hysterical is this sweater dress? I borrowed it from my sister, who will be creating a blog soon! So keep a lookout for that. She found this dress at TJ Maxx, and the shoes are my favorite sparkly oxfords from Burlington Coat Factory. My choker is from Forever21, it’s an adorable little bell.


Outfit No. 2

How cute is this? It’s casual, comfy, and understated. Shoes are platform Supergra’s. My top is from Urban Outfitters, it’s got adorable little alien Santas. The jeans are from Ross, I think… Not too sure, they were on sale!


Outfit No. 3

If you’re like me, and you spend the day with family, eating vegan goodies, and watching Christmas movies; this outfit is for you! Step one, get a pair of funny men’s Christmas boxers, mine have Stewie from Family Guy. Step two, the COMFIEST sweatshirt you own. This is one I found at a random thrift store. It’s probably the comfiest thing I own, honest. Oh, and cotton candy! Duh.

Well, I hope that this was a fun, and helpful post! You can follow me on Instagram for more fashion and makeup pictures daily, https://www.instagram.com/chatterboxmali/


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