Why I Wear Makeup

Hey guys! Today I just wanted to write about makeup. Why I wear it, why I love it. To start off, it is the most powerful form of self expression for me personally. I can portray how I’m feeling with makeup, it’s just like painting. There aren’t any rules when it comes to makeup. I just create what I think is beautiful, gorey, entertaining, sexy, whatever I feel in that moment. It doesn’t matter if my mom likes it, it doesn’t matter if the cashier at Target likes it. All that matters is that I’m confident, and I’m wearing it because it makes me feel good. That’s why the makeup community is so incredible. We know that women don’t wear makeup for men because men wear makeup too! We know that because why would I wear my art to impress a man? I wear it to impress myself, to inspire other artists. Makeup is about confidence, but not in the sense that I have to wear it to look beautiful. It’s about having the confidence to wear a red smokey eye with a brown lip to dinner. It’s about having the confidence to express myself however I choose to. It’s about having the confidence to be just as comfortable leaving the house without makeup on, as I am with a full face of glam makeup. Wearing makeup takes confidence too. 

Now I want to talk about passion. I’ve read articles and watched Ted Talks about how following your passion is a load of bs. But these people also write that passions change. When I think of my passions, I think of what the first thing to pop into my brain is every morning. For me that’s makeup. My number one passion is makeup, and it’s becoming my career. Your hobbies can change, but passions are deeply set in your subconscious. I’m passionate about becoming a better artist every day, I’m passionate about inspiring other artists, and I am inspired by other passionate people. If you want me to write a post about how I got into makeup, let me know! I could write a book about my journey to where I am in the makeup realm. 

To finish this little rant, I’m going to sound even rantier! I have always been very self assured, and I have no problem being independent. I suppose that’s why I just cannot fathom wearing makeup for any reason other than, I love it. I’ve been obsessed with the art of makeup since I was five years old, why would a five year old do something for any reason other than they like it? I have never lost that sense of childlike wonder when it comes to makeup. I would like to take a moment to apologize to any man who has ever, or will in the future think I am wearing makeup for him. I wear it because it makes me feel like a better version of myself. Not just physically either. I am a confident person, but I still have my rough days. Self love is a journey, it doesn’t happen overnight. But I know I can do a damn good smokey eye, I can line my lips to perfection, and I can highlight my face to the gods! Now, this isn’t as talked about. Women who don’t wear makeup putting women who do. I am inspired by women who go barefaced, so please don’t make me feel lesser because I enjoy the process of applying makeup. I wear makeup for the exact same reason that you don’t. It empowers me. I don’t wear it as a mask. I don’t wear it because I’m insecure. I don’t wear it to “trick” men. I wear it because it empowers me. 

Why do you wear makeup? Please, let me know. 



5 thoughts on “Why I Wear Makeup”

  1. I love this!! This is so inspiring✨ I’m only just getting into make up (at 20) but definitely feel it’s a way to express myself and I totally agree with you when you mentioned wearing it for yourself – I love that! Great post ☺️ xx

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