What I Eat in a Day: Vegan

Hey guys! I just wanted to post a quick What I Eat in a Day! I love to see what other vegans eat, and I love to get inspiration for food ideas from other bloggers. 

I woke up quite late, and I decided to eat some avocado toast🥑 I stay up waaaay too late, if anyone has tips on getting to sleep let me know! 

I wanted to include both of these vitamins! I take vitamin b12 and vitamin c. I take the b12 year round, and I usually only take vitamin c in the winter! These are the only supplements that I take. 

For an early dinner/late lunch I had this amazing vegetable stew that my mom made. This bowl is huge, and I ate two bowls🙈 There’s also a layer of brown rice under the veggies! 

When I got a little bit peckish later on, I just ate a pack of blueberries! My mom and I split this while we watched Bob’s Burgers. Comment below if you’ve ever watched the show, and who your favorite character is! 

Thank you so much for reading! I usually eat another meal, but as I said I slept in super late. 



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