Vegan Valentine’s Day Dinner

Hey guys! I just wanted to share what I had for dinner last night. It’s nothing super special, but I think taking time to cook yourself meals is so important. It’s one of the most basic forms of self love and appreciationšŸ’› 

So first I made some crispy tofu! This was my first attempt, and it was SO delicious.

These are the seasonings that I mixed in with flour to coat the tofu. Make sure that you cut the tofu into super thin slices! 

Fry them in a teensy bit of oil until they turn this deep yellow! Turmeric is a natural pigment for cooking, and it is full of health benefits. 

Now onto my tofu scramblešŸ‘… 

This is all of the basics in the same pan I used before. The potatoes were from the night before, as  was the kale! I just added some crumbled tofu, turmeric, and nutritional yeast. 

I also threw in about two tablespoons of salsa and half a tablespoon of vegan sour cream, just to make it creamy!

This was honestly such a good, wholesome meal! I cannot wait to have it againšŸ“ I added a slice of pumpernickel bread to go with everything! 


So I didn’t get any good pictures of the ingredients for this, I just made up the recipe as I wentšŸ˜… Don’t you worry though! I am almost positive I remember exactly what I added. 

You can find the recipe on my previous post, and trust me it’s delicious! The Artisina walnut butter is so yummy in the mix, I am officially obsessed. 
Thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait for some of my upcoming ideas to become reality! 



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