Get Inspired!

 Hey guys! So today I just wanted to write about how I find inspiration for makeup looks. This can go for any sort of art, whether it’s painting, makeup, or poetry! 

Playa San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I always use nature. When I am creatively stuck, I like to go through pictures of beautiful places. For example, this picture is from my month spent in Nicaragua. I managed to capture a few pictures at the top of a mountain overlooking San Juan del Sur. This photo for me holds so many incredible memories, as well as endless beauty. When you look out from this spot you can actually see Costa Rica😱 How insanely awesome is that? Like I said, endless beauty. 

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Bar y Restaurante “Vivian”

I used a combination of these photos for a look I just posted on Instagram. I love the blues and greens in these photos, but I also love the way that there’s a pop of almost neon in each one. I remember being so upset that the man selling sunglasses walked in front of my phone when I tried to take the last picture… It is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. It is so much more authentic, so much more present. I find that’s how life usually works out🙈

This is the outcome! I have to say, the eyes were not what I was planning… But I love it! The colors bring me comfort, and the pop of royal blue on the lower lashline brings the nature to the look. Also, if you’re curious, I did tease the 💩 out of my hair. And yes, it was extremely painful to brush out. But in the end, it all came together. Kinda like nature! 
Thank you guys so much for reading, I am so happy that you’ve read this far! Let me know what you think of this topic, how do you get inspired? I would love to know. Please don’t forget to follow me so you will get updates when I upload my next post! Also, you can follow all of my social media, @chatterboxmali. 



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