February Favorites

Hey guys! Since today is the first day of March, I thought I would post my very first monthly favorites! I have never done a favorites post, I honestly don’t know why. I am so invested in modmuses now, and I want to make quality content for my readers. 💛 Now enough cheesiness, onto the favorites!


My skincare favorites for this month are slim… I had a horrible reaction and broke out all over my face. So bad. So painful. So not a good thing for makeup. The three products I did love were from Pur~lisse and Mario Badescu. The eye adore serum and lip nourisher from Pur~lisse are both so hydrating and smooth out the lips and undereyes. The Mario Badescu facial spray is so hydrating for the face and décolleté, and it is very kind to my sensitive skin. These three products have been my February saviors!



Obviously this is my favorite! I have six makeup favorites for February, and they are honestly quite boring. Like I already said, I went through a major reaction and these products have not failed me!


This foundation is medium coverage, and has a very natural finish. I find that it’s buildable, and it does not get cakey. I love the shade range as well! My shade is Rose Ivory, if you were curious. For $5.99 you cannot beat it!


This shadow stick from Aurora Cosmetics is amazing! It’s so blendable, but when it dries, it does not budge. The shade is so stunning as an inner corner highlight, a face highlight, an eyeshadow, literally wherever you want to use it! It will look stunning. This shade is Susurrus. 


The Elf baked highlighters are literally my favorite thing ever. They can look so natural and sheer, but you can also build up the pigment and create a blinding glow! Stunning.


When I first bought this lipstick I wasn’t obsessed… Now, I’m so obsessed! The shade is Bare with Me, and OMG! This color is so stunning with a super dramatic eye, especially eye looks that have a lot of color. So sexy. I am so happy that I picked this shade back up because it is one of my go-tos!


You guys already know. This is my jam. This is my child. This is my everything. Make sure you tune in to my post tomorrow so you can see swatches! 😉


This eyeliner is so much fun! I love that it isn’t black, it’s a deep plum. The shade is actually called Iris. Once it dries down, it does not move. This makes it slightly difficult to remove, but as long as you are patient you’ll be okay! It’s so fun to use this shade for a winged liner because it brings the subtlest hint of color. I love.

Thank you guys so, so much for reading! I had so much fun doing this, and I cannot wait to do more in the future! Let me know if you try/have tried any of these products! Tweet me, snapchat me, or tag me on Instagram @chatterboxmali ✨





Ftc: This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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