6 Questions: Julie Hemsky of Jugar N Spice

Hey guys! Today I have another q&a, I am so excited to be making a series here on my blog. This second installment of 6 questions is with the sweetest angel, Julie of JugarnSpice Jewelry. Let’s get into it!

M: Introduce yourself, share a few interesting facts that best describe your personality.

J: I have a slight Canadian-English accent because I learned to speak English there. I want a parrot so bad, and I would name it Julian. But my husband won’t let me have anymore pets. I’m waiting to have kids so that I can blame the parrot on them insisting it! Both of my dogs have passports with actual stamps on them because they travel all over the world with me. And lastly, I have the best handbag collection out of anyone I know. I wouldn’t trade closets with anyone!

M: So when did you decide that Jugar N Spice was going to happen? Like it was no longer just a thought?

J: It became a plan of action when I was making jewelry just for myself, and friends and strangers alike would stop me, ask where I got it, and upon learning I created they asked me to create one for them. It was shortly after when afriend who owned a boutique in Edmonton asked if she could carry it. Then it just took off. 

M: How long would you say you have been obsessed with jewelry? 

J: Since the age of 7. I came across a book with Brazilian gemstones back in my grandmother’s house in Brazil, and the fascination never went away.

M: Is there a particular piece of jewelry that you always wear?

J: Yes! My neck, fingers, and wrists are never bare, and I switch my jewelry all the time! But, three things I never remove are my wedding band, my Cartier bracelets, and my black diamond Jugar N Spice eye bracelet for protection. 


M: Now choose three words that describe your brand’s style.

J: Vibrant, artist, gypset. 

M: Is there a piece in your collection that has a special story? 

J: My diamond love ring. It’s the piece that started it all.


M: And last question! On your website, https://www.jugarnspice.com/, you talk about traveling. Where is one place that you’ve never to, but you would love to travel to? 

J: Bali. It’s been calling my name for a while. 

M: Thank you so, so much for answering some questions! Do you have a final message about the Jugar N Spice brand? 

J: When I make a necklace, I want you to feel like the goddess you are when you wear it. Xo
Thank you guys so much for reading, and thank you so much to Julie for chatting about jewelry! If you have any further questions, feel free to message me or Julie! I will link her Instagram below. She’s so passionate about what she does, and she is such a kind soul. 


Jugar N Spice on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jugarnspicejewelry/

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