Let’s Get Personal: HSP

Hey guys! So today I wanted to write about something more personal. If you guys like reading this, and you’d like to hear more about me, let me know! Or if you would rather me stick to beauty and fashion, let me know. I will write whatever you want to read!

The article that I am using is http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/19-things-highly-sensitive-people-differently.html.

Let’s just jump straight in. Basically, the article has 19 ways that hsp(highly sensitive people) live differently. I am going to let you read those by clicking the link above, but I am going to add my personal experience with each of the 19 differences.

  1. I feel what other people feel, but most of the time my reaction is perceived as disingenuous. This is not because I am insincere, it’s literally the fact that I feel as if I was the person receiving a promotion. I feel like I was one getting engaged. Etc.
  2. This goes both ways. I feel extreme highs, and I also feel extreme lows. I watch a movie with a mildly emotional scene. I cry. I can’t help it. I can’t control it. I promise. I don’t like smudged makeup, I wouldn’t if I could help it.
  3. I sometimes make decisions based on how I feel in the moment. However, since becoming aware of the fact that I am highly sensitive, it’s much easier to take a step back and breathe.
  4. I like to make logical decisions, but I also like to make sure that my decisions create the best outcome. I tend to overthink every angle that every possible decision could make. Like I said being aware has helped me learn to make decisions logically and quickly.
  5. I overthink everything. So if I make the “wrong” decision, it’s not easy for me to “just get over it.” I will think about it for the next month, maybe longer.
  6. I suffer from anxiety, but like I’ve said being aware of it helps me so much. I have routines for myself if I get too overwhelmed, or if I am overthinking something. I will add a couple of links too helpful articles below if any of you suffer. You got this, smile and deep breath.
  7. I think this is why I love art so much. I am extremely detail oriented. I am also incredibly observant.
  8. I am an ENFP, Myers-Briggs personality type. This means I am extroverted! I love people, I get creative when I am around people, I love everything about human interaction.
  9. I love nothing more than to listen. I love helping people, and if by listening to them means helping them… By all means let’s sit and you just let it out. Honestly. I love to listen and comfort people.
  10. I love learning, so I spend a lot of time studying online, reading, watching TedTalks, you know. I find this helps me with my ability to give good advice. I am able to really help people. I love it.
  11. I honestly just have this yearning to connect with every being I come across. This happens when I am at someone’s house, and they happen to have a dog. This happened in Nicaragua, I befriended a pig! I try to treat all creatures with the same respect.
  12. I am an intuitive person. It comes from understanding how things that seem slight to others mean the world to me. This means that I notice tiny details in interactions that others do not notice. It’s rather bizarre sometimes.
  13. My intuition is the reason that reading people comes easily. It is kind of impossible to “bs” me. I am able to read deeper into people’s comments and interactions. It’s helpful, but sometimes it is discouraging.
  14. It doesn’t matter how minute or horrific an accident could be. I connect with that person. I am able to place myself in that situation and understand exactly how that person must feel. I promise it is not insincere.
  15. I love every being I come across. I cannot help it. I extend my love to those full of hate. I want others to feel connected with at least one other human being. It is so important to love.
  16. However, if you cause pain to someone I love deeply… I will hold a grudge. I do not budge when I hold a grudge. If I think that you really meant that negative comment, I will keep you from harming anyone I love.
  17. I think the hardest life lesson, and one I’m still fighting, is that you cannot save the world. As a hsp this is incredibly difficult. Since my first history class, I have been overwhelmed with a desire to understand each and every culture. To understand why I am so privileged. I feel physical pain for others when I read the news every morning. I cannot help it.
  18. I am still learning about the world around me, myself, others, etc. I will keep you guys posted on this though.
  19. This is why I am vegan.

    “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

When I became aware of what I was eating, I could no longer eat living creatures. I felt the death in my body. I was consuming corpses.

I hope that you guys enjoyed something very different. Please, please let me know below if you are also HSP. Also, let me know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is! Thank you guys so much for reading. Please click the little follow button to receive updates every time I post. Like this post and follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. I am always here to talk if you need it!








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