6 Vacation Staples: Fashion

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite pieces for warm weather vacations. I am going to do a few other posts like this in different categories, so stay in the loop by clicking that follow button!

1. A bodycon midi dress!

My first go-to is a midi dress, I usually go for bodycon because I can fold them up super tiny. If you’d like me to share my tips on finding and wearing bodycon dresses comfortably, let me know below. These are my absolute favorite for just wandering around or to dress up if needed.

2. Any romper!

If you didn’t already know, rompers are my favorite! They’re so easy and fashionable. This is one I actually got when I was in Nicaragua with my sister in law. Like I said, rompers are the best because they’re an outfit in one. Lazy girl fashion!

3. A big ole cardigan!

If you’re going to be on a plane, bring an oversized cardigan! I always use them as a blanket on the plane, so cozy. This one is just a marled grey, and it’s super lightweight. It’s great if you’re going somewhere after being at the beach, and you get cold easily(like moi). 

4&5. Cute swimsuit and denim shorts!

So this is my favorite thing ever. An adorable one piece swimsuit and denim shorts. These are just the most obvious staples, but honestly, they’re so important to me. I can’t tell you how much I end up wearing these shorts. Probably too much… Oops! And this swimsuit is everything. It dulled quite a bit after being in Tybee Island, GA, for a week, but it’s still my favorite article of “clothing”. 

6. Plain sneakers!

So some of you might be thinking that I’m absolutely crazy for wearing sneakers in the summer BUT don’t be so quick to judge. These are my favorite shoes I own. All white. Classics. These are great if you enjoy walking around and exploring your destination. I don’t understand traveling if you don’t interact with locals and go where they go… that’s a different post for a different day though πŸ™ˆ I think it’s important to connect with other human beings because who knows what you could learn! Always keep an open mind. It will change your life. 
That’s it for today! Thank you to everyone who read this far and don’t forget to like and comment where you’re traveling to next! 



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