How To: Perfect Base 

Hey guys! Today I really wanted to share my tips for a perfect complexion as a base for any look. I hope this helps you guys out if you struggle with face makeup at all!  Step 1:  I always prime with rose water and my favorite primer.  Step 2:  I like to apply my concealer… Continue reading How To: Perfect Base 

Vacation Staples: Lip Products

Hey guys! I am so excited to share my favorite lip products to take when traveling. I almost always wear something on my lips. It's rare to see me without at the very least, lipliner. I just love lippies! Let's start with lipliners! These are two of my absolute favorites. The top shade is Pamela… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Lip Products

Vacation Staples: Eyes

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share my eye makeup staples. I previously wrote about my top face products to travel with, I am having so much fun sharing these tips with you guys! I always bring my Pacifica Beauty eyeshadow trio, it has such gorgeous warm tones. Next up is my Aurora Cosmetics… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Eyes

Vacation Staples: Face Makeup 

Hey guys! Here's is the next installment of my Vacation Staples series, face makeup. Last time, I shared my favorite brushes with you. I am so excited to be doing this series, it's a blast! Without further ado, let's get started. Let's start with the boring stuff, haha! Personally, I prefer the lowest maintenance skin possible… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Face Makeup 

Vacation Staples: Makeup Brushes

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share my favorite makeup brushes for traveling. I will explain what I use each brush for, let's get into it! So here are my face brushes! Starting from the left, my foundation/concealer brush. I honestly don't remember where this is from, but I love using it while… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Makeup Brushes