Vacation Staples: Face Makeup 

Hey guys! Here’s is the next installment of my Vacation Staples series, face makeup. Last time, I shared my favorite brushes with you. I am so excited to be doing this series, it’s a blast! Without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s start with the boring stuff, haha! Personally, I prefer the lowest maintenance skin possible while traveling. It just makes everything easier, and I find that it forces me to be more vulnerable. I can do a post about that if you would like to read my thoughts. Anyways, I love the City Colors HD powder to just mattify certain places. It smoothes out the skin beautifully, and I really just love it. My favorite primer at the moment is this one by Aurora Cosmetics. It really does provide a smoothe base, and I love the way it looks alone. Onto the fun things!

Yay! Liquid and cream highlights. My absolute favorites for traveling. I find my skin dries out quite easily, so I love to apply cream products whenever possible.

L-R: NYX, Jelly Pong Pong, Aurora
So these highlights are stunning. I mean just look at them. Beautiful. I like to use the NYX one on my body, Jelly Pong Pong on my décolleté and cheeks, and Aurora on the highest points. I am a bit dramatic when it comes to my glow. More is definitely more.

Powder products! So for my cheek colors, I like to keep it fairly natural and sunkissed. I really like the look of glowy, slighty burnt skin. It makes a good base for pretty much any outfit, hair, etc. I love the Jelly Pong Pong blush+contour because they double as gorgeous shadows! The Wetnwild highlight in Precious Petals is perfect to set my creams in place. And last but not least. My holy grail. Ride or die. Favorite. Soulmate. Milani baked blush in Rose D’Oro. It’s like my cheek color only it has gold and metallic sheens and ugh. Beautiful. I love it so much. Please try it out if you haven’t already.
Alrighty guys! That’s it for my vacation face product recommendations. I hope that you got some inspiration! Don’t forget to follow me so you can be the first to know when I write a new post. Thank you angels.



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