Pamper Night Ritual// Poesies Perfume ✖️ Indiebeautique Mermaid Collection Review

Hello loves! I wanted to share a quick little pamper night routine with you guys, just in case you’re in need of a little TLC. I want you all to know that there is nothing selfish about sitting aside fifteen to twenty minutes, at least once a month, to completely relax and unwind. I know a lot of people say to do this once a week, but I know that that is not always practical. Sometimes you might not feel like putting in the effort to have a pamper night. You honestly might not have time one week. The list goes on, and I want you to know that it’s okay. Just try to take 15-20 minutes on a Sunday evening(or whenever works best for your schedule). It will honestly set the tone for your month. 💛

re's my little counter set up. I like to have my infuser with coconut parsley (so good!) for a nice aroma. I also added my necklaces because I don't like to wear them in water, duh! And then I have out all of my tools. Let's zoom in, shall we?

ghty, this consists of all of my favorite skin treats. I love rosewater for my skin; I have the most sensitive skin in the world! It has really helped with my redness and overall texture. It also keeps my skin fairly moisturized in the colder months. Then, I have my pūr-lisse eye cream, SO AMAZING! It's from an Ipsy bag because it's incredibly pricey otherwise. For a lip treatment I have the Skinn sugar lips. I love this because it really gets the dead skin off my lips without making them bleed. And finally, I have the Poesie Perfume ✖️ Indiebeautique fizzing, bubbling bath sands in the scent Alice. There are four scents and they are all named after mermaids from around the world! How cute is that? Alice was perfect for me because she is Norwegian too! 🙈 This large bag is $20, but it has over fifteen bath uses! That’s if you use very generous servings. You can also get smaller sample sized tubes for $6. I will have the link for these listed below as well.

While I am in the bath I like to play some soft music; I listened to a Tom Odell album this particular bath! I love painting my nails after they’ve been soaking in the water for a bit, and then I will a book while my nails dry. I have been reading Big Trouble by Dave Barry🙏 I finished off my night with a mini photoshoot for the fun of it!

Thank you angels so much for reading. I am going to be posting a lot more self help style posts in the near future, so please follow me if you’d like to be the first to know when they go live! I can’t wait to talk soon.



Bath Sands:
tter, Snapchat: @chatterboxmali

Ftc: This post is not sponsored. The product was sent to me, but as per usual, all opinions are my own💛

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