35 Little Joys

  1. Those mornings where you wake up before your alarm, open your blinds, and admire the moon before she hides away for the day.
  2. The vividness of nature in the fall and winter because of the cool air.
  3. Taking a sip of coffee, or tea, and it being the absolute perfect temperature. Not too hot, not too cold.
  4. Opening up an old sketchbook and admiring how you’ve changed. What kind of art we create says a lot about our mental place.
  5. Wearing a long t-shirt around the house because no pants are the best pants.
  6. Having absolutely nothing that needs to be done. It allows you to get the most done, I find.
  7. Snuggling with cuddly animals.
  8. Pouring a cup of tea or coffee without spilling anything.
  9. Watching the sun go down through the trees. There’s just something so breathtaking about the orange kisses left on the grass.
  10. The sky after it has rained.
  11. Walking barefoot in the grass on a warm summer day, or even after a light rain. The slight chill reminds you of your existence.
  12. Existing!
  13. Listening to a motivating podcast. My favorite right now is Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra’s Your Own Magic, it’s so brilliant.
  14. Painting without planning.
  15. Having an unplanned day, and still managing to get everything done. Trust me, it is possible.
  16. Giving a loved one a hug. Thirty seconds, or it doesn’t count.
  17. Listening to cats purr. Or three. However many you are lucky enough to be around. They are majestic creatures, you know.
  18. Reading your favorite book for the 29,484,854th time.
  19. Having enough time to let your nail polish completely dry. Also, not having any bubbles in the polish.
  20. Having a dance party by yourself. On a Saturday evening. Say 6:30ish?
  21. Then hopping into a warm bath. With a good book. Books are most certainly a recurring thing here.
  22. Listening to Doris Day.
  23. Going for a walk with a happy pup. Good for you, good for the puppers. Also, regular walks also help keep claws filed down.
  24. Organizing your closet.
  25. Taking fun pictures and editing them. Make a second instagram to share them! It’s so much fun.
  26. Watching silly TV shows from your childhood. (What was your favorite?)
  27. Following your intuition. Practice a day at a time. Start by being vulnerable. Intuition is all about feeling.
  28. Complimenting a stranger.
  29. Being complimented by a stranger. It goes both ways. What we are is what we attract.
  30. Having a heart-to-heart with someone.
  31. Finger painting fun little doodles. Who says finger painting is for children only? Also, who needs a signature when your literal fingerprint is there!
  32. Practicing some self-love yoga.
  33. Watching someone smile and knowing that you created that. That little thing that just brightened their entire day.
  34. Learning something new.
  35. Coming to the realization that absolutely everything is temporary. I promise it is a joy. Because it provides you with no other option than to seize every single moment of every single day. You are alive right now in this beautiful body. Treat it with love and respect, inside and out. All we are is inside of us. All that we are is. We are all one. We all extend from one branch of what is. Love.


So this was definitely a different post for me… What did you guys think? Do you like these more uplifting, spiritual posts? Or would you prefer fashion and recipes and things? Thank you angels so much for reading my words, and for allowing me to express myself. I am sending love and light your way, always.


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