My Winter Morning Routine//Ft. Cusa Tea

Hello lovelies! I wanted to share a little morning routine, maybe give you some self-love tips along the way. I love cold weather, so there will be lots of new posts coming your way soon.

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Try and get to bed at a decent hour! I know that this can be really difficult, especially if you’re a phone in the bed kind of person like me. But I promise it really makes a huge difference in your overall mood and motivation for the day. I am really bad about getting enough sleep, but I have really started working on getting better. I will let you know the tips that work for me when I have figured them out myself!  I like to take a few minutes in the morning to wake up and even recite some mantras to set a tone for the day. I have been trying to learn more about the law of attraction and the power of meditation. If you’d like me to share some posts on that, let me know.

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I really like to stretch my body in the morning as well! Whether it’s ten minutes or an hour, I really like to do gentle yoga. I always have a helper for that, my sweet pup. Is she not adorable? The most aware little dog that I have ever seen. After I’ve really woken up, I like to check emails, check social media, and hop in the shower.

Once I’m done in the shower, I will make a cup of tea. I really love green tea in the mornings, and it is full of antioxidants. This particular tea is from Cusa Tea, an instant tea brand that I love! This is such an easy product to use, and it tastes exactly the same as tea from a tea bag. Jim Lamancusa, the founder of Cusa, is a more or less a tea connoisseur. Jim wanted to create the exact product that he has created. Delicious tea, ready in seconds! All of his teas are free from sugar and additives and they’re also organic.   I think that allowing yourself the time to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer, is highly beneficial. It sets a tone for the day that you are worthy. You deserve to be comfortable. You deserve to be happy. What does a cup of tea mean to you?


Thank you angels so much for reading this post! I hope that it was enjoyable and helpful to some of you. Let me know what your morning routine is in the comments. Please don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up and follow my blog for more posts!


FTC: This post is NOT sponsored. I was sent some samples of Cusa Tea, but all opinions remain my own.


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