Easy Vegan Dinner Ideas on a Budget + Resources to Help You Go Vegan!

Hey guys! So if you haven’t watched the video that goes with this post, then check it out here, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMbEdkGPTfTkQuI0iTzak4Q. Thanks guys! Now let’s get into the recipes.

  1. RICE & BEANS-  Literally all you do for this is cook your rice, add your beans in at the end, and add whatever seasonings you like! You can also add veggies if you’d like to, but it’s totally satiating with just the rice and beans.
  2. PASTA WITH VEGGIES- Once again, ridiculously easy! So you cook your pasta, you could even use spiralized zucchini or carrots if you have a little spiralizer. Trader Joe’s actually has frozen carrot spirals too. Anyways, you can go raw with this by just using veggie pasta, or make a yummy rich dinner with CARBS! I love pasta, so much. Add some pasta sauce, or make your own with tomato paste, a little olive oil, and seasonings. Add your choice of fresh or frozen veggies and voila! A beautiful meal.
  3. ROASTED POTATOES + MIXED VEGGIES- I love vegetables, especially roasted vegetables. The key to finding affordable produce is learning what is in season. Produce that is in season will always be more reasonably priced. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t always have to buy organic. I promise! Kale and spinach, those delicate greens, are really the only veggies that we worry about purchasing organically. Basically you get a baking sheet, spread some olive oil and seasonings, add your favorite veggies, and bake! This is something you can do when you get home from work, you can even pre-slice your veggies so that they are ready to go earlier in the week. It’s so yummy and so easy. I love hearty vegetables like carrots, squashes, broccoli, and cabbage.
  4. VEGAN TOSTADAS- This one is sooo easy! You can warm up your tortillas in a pan, or if you’re feeling fancy you can fry them. All you need to do is put a thin layer of oil on the pan and boom fried tortilla goodness. Warm up some vegetarian refried beans, and put that on your tortilla. Top it off with whatever veggies you like, add rice, or even add some potatoes if you like! Remember you can totally use frozen veggies.
  5. FRIED TOFU + RICE + STEAMED SPINACH- This is my favorite meal ever. I enjoy eating meals that make me feel good after I eat them. I want to feel energized after I eat, not  like I could go to bed. Food is our fuel! This is so simple, you can purchase tofu from an Asian market, warm it up on the stove or in a microwave. Add some rice to a bowl, steam some spinach(fresh or frozen), and add tofu. Boom. You can add more veggies if you prefer, but this makes me full and happy.
  6. SALAD WITH LOTS OF NUTRIENTS- This is such an easy, basic meal. It’s also delightfully stereotypical for vegans to enjoy salad, but I love it. Simply pick up some of your favorite greens, romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, mixed greens, arugula, etc. Some of your favorite, in season, veggies. And your favorite salad dressing ingredients or dressing! There are loads of accidentally vegan salad dressings out there so don’t feel like you have to spend $5 on dressing. You can also just mix oil and vinegar with your favorite seasonings and boom. Delicious!
  7. VEGGIE BURGER, NO BUN- Pick yourself up a treat, aka your favorite veggie burgers. I love the chipotle black bean burgers from Gardenburger. They’re so yummy and have a slight kick to them! Use some lettuce leaves as a bun, and you’re the image of health. I love adding the traditional fixins’ aka tomato, onion, and more lettuce! Add your favorite condiments, and you’ve got a yummy burger.

Thank you loves so much for reading this blog post! It was such a blast to write, and I cannot wait to share more vegan posts with you guys. Don’t forget to like this post and follow me!



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