December Quote to Practice Daily

Hey angels! So I decided to try a new monthly blog post. I think that December is the perfect month to start something new. Right before the new year, so the habit can have time to be practiced. Something that helps me when I am feeling any feeling, good or bad, is quotes and poems. I am obsessed with self help books and things of that nature, so having a pinterest board full of my favorite quotes is very helpful. It is a perfect way for me to get back in the zone. It can be challenging at times to get out of a depression rut, or anxiety induced insomnia, but reading always aids in my healing process. I want to share quotes that help me personally, so that if you too suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. you have a safe space to come to. This is something that is very difficult for me to talk(write) about because I like to be all smiles for people all the time. I am getting so much better, but I still don’t want to share any real help because I am not a qualified professional.

I always try to keep this in mind. It doesn't always happen, and its not always easy...but its ALWAYS worth it.
I found this quote on pinterest! Follow me at chatterboxmali.

This season can usually bring out the jealous side of people, the darker side. Which makes me sad because it should be about spending time with your loved ones. Enjoying the company of friends. Not being upset because you got someone a gift, and they didn’t get you one. Maybe they weren’t able to this year… Maybe something very personal is going on, and it just wasn’t in the budget. Remember to just love, love, love. Unconditionally. You don’t owe anyone anything, but they also owe you nothing.

I am going to practice this by sharing my love with all those I come across, starting with myself. Every morning I am going to look in the mirror, and tell myself how much I love myself. Because even with no makeup, messy hair, morning breath, sleepy eyes, old pajamas, I am enough. I want to be an example of self love for my niece. I want to be an example of self love for my mother. I want to be an example of self love for you. I want to be an example of self love for a stranger I pass in the street. You should too. Right now, give yourself a hug and say I love you. Practice self love and watch how that carries over into your interactions with everyone. Including strangers!

I hope that this is a good post to start December off with! I want to be more transparent with you all because you deserve it. So I hope that you like these more personal posts! Thank you for reading, and comment your pinterest and your favorite quotes at the moment!


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