Hey angels! I hope everyone is well. Today I want to share a few of my absolute must-have products for the winter season. Let’s get into it!

  1. BH Cosmetics Glamorous Blush Palette- This is probably number one on my list this year. I love a monochromatic cheek and eye for the chilly seasons, and this palette is perfect. I use every single shade in the palette, and it just blends so well on the cheeks and the eyes. You can purchase it here!
  2. Ardell Glamour Wispies Lashes- These are my all time favorite lashes because they look great with no makeup and with a heavier look. I am a sucker for lashes in the winter especially, I really have no clue why! You can purchase these here!
  3. ELF Cosmetics Baked Highlighter- This is one of my favorite highlighters of all time. It gives a very natural sheen and doesn’t accentuate textures. This is something super important for me in the winter because my skin is always very dry. I don’t like to accentuate my dry patches, crazy I know! Purchase it here!
  4. EOS Shave Cream in Pomegranate- This is something that I only use in the winter! As I said, my skin gets really dry, my legs especially. Something that really helps is this shaving cream. I love the smell too, it’s more fruity smelling than actual pomegranate but that is to be expected! It really hydrates my legs while I am in the shower. Purchase it here!
  5. NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake- This gloss is literally my lip color but better! I am obsessed with the formula and wear of this product. I always use this shade on clients, and everyone loves it! Purchase it here!
  6. Any spoolie brush- I always make sure I have a clean spoolie because it is the most important tool in my makeup routine! In the winter I usually go for lighter makeup looks, so I don’t fill in my brows. I love the look of just brushing my brows up with minimal makeup, it is definitely my go-to look. You can find a spoolie for $0.99 here!
  7. Any eyelash curler- Another important step to my go-to winter makeup! I love making sure that my lashes are curled, and even if I am not wearing mascara it makes my lashes look phenomenal. I also love to wear a pair of natural falsies like the wispies listed above, and curling them with my natural lashes makes them look completely natural. I can do a tutorial on that if you guys would like to see it! Purchase a curler here!
  8. OGX Elevated Finish Spray- I am a huge fan of the slicked back hair trend, whether it’s a high pony or a low bun. I love the sleek life. This hairspray has such a crazy staying power and you need the smallest amount. Always make sure that you don’t use too much because it can leave a little bit of a film. Purchase it here!
  9. Any rosewater spray- The most important thing for my skin in the cold weather is rosewater! There is absolutely nothing else that can hydrate my skin quite like it. I recommend any brand that does not have any excess ingredients. The only ingredient you need is rosewater! Check one out here!

Thank you loves so much for reading this! I hope that this helps you with your winter beauty routines and products to try out. Make sure to follow me, so you can receive notifications when a new post pops up!




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