My Favorite Fashion Moment of the Week// December 2017

Hey guys! I am starting another mini series. This is going to be a weekly post with my favorite fashion/style moment of the week. I encourage you guys to leave your favorite in the comments below! I want to hear about your style favorites, and maybe what’s inspired you to try a different look this week. So let’s get started!

Busty: Bella flashed her eye-popping cleavage in the white ivory satin bustier top 

This week I had to choose this look from Bella Hadid. You guys may or may not know that she wears some of my favorite outfits! I love her super glam looks so much, like the bright yellow dress she wore in Dubai for the Bulgari store opening. BUT even more so, her street style is incredible. This particular look was from a Balenciaga store in London, and she was originally wearing a pair of hot red booties. I actually prefer this look with these sneakers though! It adds such an odd pop to the outfit, and it’s just very laid back. Which is definitely my kind of vibe for street style. It’s definitely trendy to be comfortable right now, how cool is that?

Stylish: Bella's daring top was contrasted by the large bell sleeves, adding impact to the structured look

This top is so amazing, right? All of the little details are just so vintage and Victorian-inspired, I love it. It was such an interesting pair with these 90’s style light wash jeans with the red lace ups. Bella always chooses such interesting combinations! I found a few pieces that are similar to the top; here, here, and here. Don’t forget to also check out your local thrift shops and/or vintage shops! As for the pants, I found a few that are a similar concept, but not an exact match. Here, here, and here! As for sneakers, think of sneakers your dad might wear. Unless your dad is into fashion. This might sound weird, but trust me! I style my chunky New Balance sneakers with everything now because of that one little tip. I used to hate them(they were actually a hand me down), but now they’re a staple! Think styles like this or this.

I hope that you guys enjoyed the first installment of my favorite fashion moment of the week! Let me know what your favorite moment was this week in the comments! Let’s chat. Please remember to follow me here, and like this post so that I know you guys are enjoying these posts.


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