A Vegan Double Doozie?!?

Hey guys! So you probably clicked on this post because ummm yum?! A vegan double doozie happened. It is amazing. It is life changing. I have never tasted anything quite like it. Let’s get into how you can make one too!

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Look at this cookie dough… I mean, it’s probably the best cookie dough I have ever had. The recipe is from another blogger, Foodie Fiasco! You can find the recipe here, http://www.foodiefiasco.com/single-serving-chocolate-chip-cookie/

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So pardon the messy plate, but I actually microwave my cookies! They are so yummy, and I am sure that if you’re patient enough to bake them, they’d be even better. I add a few sprinkles to the top side of the cookie just to be cute!


This is kind of the most important part of the recipe. This Betty Crocker Whipped frosting is accidentally vegan… There are so many accidentally vegan premade frostings like this, but this one almost tastes like a marshmallow cream. Insanely good. Make sure to brush your teeth at least a dozen times after eating this cookie, btw!

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This is the final, ooey gooey, delicious, spectacular, extraordinary double doozie cookie. A moment of silence. Thank you. Wow. The frosting melts just enough in between the cookies to be just oh so decadent.

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Enjoy it with some almond milk… Like me or like a normal person who pours it in a glass. I promise that if you are craving something sweet, even if you’re not vegan(yet), this will help fix that craving. Like completely.


Thank you guys so much for reading this post! I hope that you all enjoy this recipe, and make sure to let me know if you try it out. I am having so much fun sharing all of these posts, and I have sooo many fun ones coming up!



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