Hey guys! I wanted to share my editing process with you babes today. I have never been super into overly-edited pictures, so I want to share how you can edit pictures and keep it real. The reason I do edit my pictures is to basically create the mood I am trying to portray. I love the creative process of choosing my color schemes and mood for my photos. I am not trying to trick anyone into thinking that I have perfect skin or perfectly white eye balls. It’s not true, and I am not trying to pretend that it is. I enjoy seeing my real face in the mirror, and I want to help you guys learn to too. I am going to try filming some videos about confidence and that type of thing, so leave any questions in the comments or message me

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THE FINAL PRODUCT! I love editing my pictures, not to alter my appearance. Literally just to add to the artistic process of makeup. I feel like it’s quite simple to see when someone has edited their pictures, and mine are especially easy because I am still learning! Remember to not get angry when you can see your pores, your smile lines, etc. Be happy! We all have them! As much as I love makeup and fashion and photography and the whole artistic aspects… It can be very detrimental to young women who are still working on self love. Just remember that you, in your natural state, are enough. If you want to wear makeup then do!! Wear all the makeup!! If you don’t want to wear makeup, don’t!! Why do we, as women, always feel such an intense need to justify our own actions by belittling others? Let’s try and lift each other. Encourage the women(and men) in your life to be themselves! To be vulnerable and listen to them speak about their loves and likes and dislikes. Talk to a stranger who looks like they could use it. 2018 shall be a year full of kindness and compassion because goodness gracious, the world needs it.

Thank you guys so much for checking out my blog! Make sure to follow to be on my mailing list, which means that you will be receiving updates when I post! I hope it’s alright that I went on a bit of a tangent… ♥ I want you to know how wonderful you are. You are trying!



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