Hey loves! I am so excited to be sharing a makeup tutorial on my blog again. This is where modmuses started, so I am so excited to be doing it. I am collaborating with the incredibly talented, Brianna Lynn today! Her blog is super fun, and her makeup looks are stunning. I am going to be showing you all how to do a dramatic eye paired with a bold lip. This is something that seems very daunting to some people, but it doesn’t have to be! I love a nice bold eye look with a hot red lip. I think that it exudes confidence! Let’s get started, shall we?

My no makeup face!

Super important first step! Hydrated skin! My skin was fairly clear, minus a few spots here and there(like the nice crater on my chin). My skin is quite tricky in the winter, so I have to keep it extra hydrated! I like using face oils that absorb quickly into my skin, and I love this eye cream from Pur~Lisse. I like to pop some eye cream on my lips as well as my under eyes and smile lines! This product is almost the texture of a primer, so I love to use it to really hydrate and prime certain areas.

A flawless base is easily achieved using all cream products.

For my face makeup, I am using cream products! This is something that I only really do during the winter. I love using this cream foundation palette from ELF for a super glam finish, or I will even sheer it out on my cheeks for a natural look. I like to prime my lids for glam makeup just to ensure seamless transitions. I have also started color correcting a little bit more than I used to, and I am obsessed. I like to finish my skin off with some contour and highlight from the ABH contour cream kit!

Get a chiseled look by applying a warmer contour slightly above your cooler cream contour.

I like to follow up with some powders! Highlighting is super important for a glam look like this, so I like to mix a few to get the perfect texture. I don’t like a chunky glitter highlighter for winter just in case of flash photography. I like a subtle sheen, think slightly sweaty. I also follow up with my cream contour with a warmer toned shades that I pop in my cheekbones. I also lightly powder any breakouts/textured areas with the It bye-bye pores powder.

Create freckles/beauty marks out of any pimples or spots you may have!

This step may seem silly to some, but it can make you feel way more confident if you struggle with acne! I like to take this brow pomade from Chella Beauty and pop it on my spots. This is such a basic step to the routine, but it can make such a huge difference to a look like this.

Blushes with a slight sheen will make you winter makeup come alive!

I am a fiend for blushes, especially warm rosy tones. I like to enhance my natural rosiness. These are a few of my favorite blushes for winter. As you can see they’re very neutral tones with slight sheen to them. I ended up using the Pacifica duo today!

Fill in your brows by feathering lightly with an angled brush and spoolie.

I like to do my brows a slightly more defined shape as well. I like to use powders for this! Like this taupe shadow from The Balm, along with the ELF brow powder duo!

Apply a transition shade, a warm rose for this look, to your crease. Blend it heavily into the inner and outer corners.
Bring that shade down around your bottom lashline as well. 
Add a darker brown shade, like this one from Star Crushed Minerals, for some added depth. And a duochrome shadow that adds a nice metallic touch. This one is from Naked Cosmetics.
Always keep a clean, fluffy brush to blend around the edges of your eyes! Especially with a look like this, you really want to have seamless transitions. 
Add eyeliner(I went a little bit crazy). Add mascara. Add lashes. BOOM! Your eyes are done.

Red lips are so intimidating! But they really don’t have to be. This lip from Trestique is my absolute favorite red. I like to outline my lips with it, and really get a shape drawn out. I find that overlining red lips is not a very good look for me, so I like to simply follow my natural lip line. This is fairly easy to do, here’s a tutorial to help you! Basically you want to look at your lips, and decide if you want to follow the shape of your colored lip line or that slightly pale lip line. And go all in without worrying about overlining.

This is the finished look! It is so glam and gorgeous. You will definitely feel like a badass lady in this look.

A few more pictures for you guys!


Thank you beauties so much for tuning in today! Let me know if you’d like to see more makeup posts on this blog, and I will totally make it happen. This glam look is perfect for a holiday party, and if you try it out please share pictures! You can send me Snapchats, tweet me, or you can tag me on Instagram! Those are all @chatterboxmali. Make sure to also check out Brianna Lynn’s post here, Also, check out some of her amazing makeup looks here! This was such a fun collab to do, and I hope that you guys learned some new makeup tips and tricks. Make sure you follow me and Brianna for more beauty and chats!



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