Hey angels! I just wanted to share a quick little outfit from a couple days ago. It was slightly snowy still, so I was absolutely freezing. Speaking of freezing, that’s absolutely an exaggeration. I had a warm home to go inside to immediately after taking this photo. However, there are so many people suffering from a variety of freezing temperature caused health issues. Homelessness is quite obviously a huge issue in nearly every country, but I feel the need to mention it as it pertains to the USA and Canada. It is freezing, bitter cold. People on your snapchat story, your Instagram story, etc. are complaining and the temperatures… Imagine not being able to escape the frigid air. Most of the homeless shelters that I’ve seen are taking in absolute maximum numbers currently to try and alleviate as much harm as possible. Basically, be aware of your complaints. Be conscious of your privilege. Be kind to strangers that you see on the street. Don’t look down on someone already down on his/her luck. It’s unnecessary, and it only reflects poorly on your character. You can also search ways that you can help in your area. Just use google! The internet is great! Okay then, enough rambling, and onto my ootd!

Pants are super old Nike Dri-FIT. They’re that mesh material that swishes when you walk, so I like to call them my swishy pants! 
Flannel is from Urban Outfitters; I’ve had it for years. The cold shoulder(literally) sweater is from Garage Clothing. The puffer jacket is actually from Burlington Coat Factory! I found it a few years ago, and it was a crazy sale price. These shoes are hand-me-downs from one of my brothers; they’re Georgia Boot in the Romeo style.

Thank you angels so much for checking out the blog! Please make sure that you follow me, and sign up for the email subscription. This will help you to never miss a post!


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