Hey guys! I thought that it would be fun to share some trends that I am excited to both wear and see others wearing this spring. These are all looks from this past September’s SS2018 collections. Enjoy!

Look 5 of the Louis Vuitton show. Image is from I am a huge fan of the all white look, especially for spring. It is so fresh and polished. I love this menswear style vibe as well. 
Look 8 from the Balenciaga show. I am obsessed with absolutely all of this, head to toe. Statement pants are definitely going to be my go-to this spring.
Look 58 from the Balenciaga show. The metallic, almost alienesque, tights are definitely going to be seen everywhere. I also love the concept of sheer pieces layered with something bold underneath. Leopard print, cheetah print, whatever you like to call it, is always on trend. I also love graphic tees paired with skirts.
This is look 32 from A Détacher. I love the mixing of patterns with these neutral colors. Color was a big component of most shows for spring. I love the neon nail polish and glossy pink eyelids that all of the models wore. The messy chignon was perfect to top everything off, and I will definitely be trying the look out!
Alberta Ferretti look 19. I loved so many pieces from this collection, but this look is just stunning. It’s so casual and comfortable and dainty and ugh. I am beyond obsessed. The sheer fabric is seen once again, actually most of her collection was sheer and metallic knits. I love the chunky sandals with the delicate lace detailing and fisherman knit sweater. 
This is look 45 from the same Ferretti show. It is absolutely my favorite look from any collection for spring. It’s Grecian goddess vibes to the extreme. I love the almost periwinkle metallic sandals with the cut of this dress. The dress is such a feminine cut, and I really am so obsessed. There’s so much dimension in the layers. Fabulous. This is also my favorite hairstyle of all time. 
Look 23 from the Brock Collection. I mean this is like everything you could ever want to wear on a picnic date in April, am I right? It’s more of a cream toned white and with the pop of yellow… YES! Straw bags/purses are also going to be a staple this spring. I mean how stinking adorable, yet sexy is this? 
Etro, look 49. You may or may not know that Etro is one of my favorite brands. I love basically every item in this collection. My favorite look is definitely this take on athleisure. They actually had two or three of these bra tops + leggings combos in the collection. I love the bold patterns mixed with the rich colors. I definitely want to go more hardcore with color this spring. I mean it just looks so incredibly epic.
Look 13 from the Stella McCartney collection. I find her dedication to cause as little harm as possible with her designs absolutely admirable. I think that Stella McCartney might be my absolute favorite, just for that reason. This look is just so comfy and laidback, which most of you know, is 100% my style. The cut-outs make it chic and current, but the rest of the look is very oversized. 
Calvin Luo look 8. YELLOW! We all know that yellow is my favorite color. This outfit is absolutely perfect, in my humble opinion. Once again, you see the metallic knit tights, perfect for when it’s still slightly chilly out. I love the ruffle trim on this skirt that matches the top perfectly, such excellent continuity. Also, an oversized sleeve is everything to me. I am short, so the fact that a struggle for me is actually on trend… Priceless, to be honest.
Colovos look 7. Insert crying face emoji, here. I mean… This is just beautiful. It’s effortless, it’s feminine, it’s got a touch of color with the glossy yellow eyelids. I love the grid style pattern, as well. Once again, the whole look is just slightly oversized. 
Look 17 from Haus Alkire. This vibrant, nearly neon, yellow/green is definitely one of my favorite shades for the year. It pairs so well with a white blouse, and it’s bold without being over the top. If you dress it down enough, I really think it can be made a super wearable staple in your closet. The cut of these trousers is stunning as well. The black clasps really finalize the look and center everything. Haus Alkire is one of my newest obsessions. Look through this collection, and you will be too! 
Look 21 from Off-White. Most of you probably know that I absolutely love Off-White. Like a lot. Anyways, this look just says spring. The pulled back hair, the fresh faced makeup look… And the pink pants. I mean what says warm weather quite like Barbie pink trousers?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This super cropped white blouse is absolutely perfect, and provides the little bit of edge needed to keep this outfit from being totally Elle Woods. The floral printed shoes are quite obviously gorgeous as well. Oh, I also really need a fanny pack. Like ASAP. 

Alrighty angels! That is all that I have for you all today. I really wanted to do a post like this, and I hope this inspires you to play around with your style more this year too. I would love to hear what you’re going to try and incorporate more of this spring. How are you going to step out of your comfort zone? Remember that fashion should be fun. It should be a way to externally express your inward feelings. It’s not about looking a certain way, or about wearing a certain brand’s name. It’s about you.


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