Hey angels! I feel like we all wear jeans at some point or another, so I wanted to share some of my denim styling hacks. Whether you’re looking for new ways to wear your favorite jeans, or maybe you’re panicking because they’ve ripped in an… inconvenient place. I hope that you find this helpful, and please let me know of any tips that you have to share!

Top: (old) F21 cardigan  Jeans: thrifted  Shoes: Adidas Original Superstars                                        All white outfits are definitely going to be my go-to this spring. I think that this is the perfect way to style white denim… Go all out! It’s super chic and practical, in my opinion.
Tops: Grey- Puma Black- h&m  Jeans: TJ Maxx  Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory                           These jeans are actually some of my favorite pants that I own. It’s gotten to the point with my current fitness routine that they have completely ripped in one of the back pockets… Vertically. It’s a super large hole, but I am not ready to give up on these pants! So I just throw on t-shirt dresses or oversized shirts. It’s trendy and super popular in street wear fashion.
Top: Urban Outfitters  Jeans: my sister…  Shoes: F21                                                                              This is kinda of an idea on how to style jeans and a t-shirt! I am not super big on graphic tees, so this top is perfect for me. I decided to go for a bit of an edgy look, but obviously a cat shirt kinda kills that vibe… In a good way!
Top: no idea  Jeans: thrifted  Shoes: no idea  Underwear: Simple                                                       This is my favorite thing to do! I don’t actually own any bodysuits, they’re super awkward on my body type, and they just never sit properly. Anyways, this is my super easy, ridiculously easy, style hack! If you’re into the bodysuit look, just tuck your shirt into your underwear, smooth everything out, and pull you pants on up! I feel like this is such a “duh” hack, but I figured that it might help someone!

Thank you all so much for checking out this post! I really love sharing little style hacks like this, and please let me know if you’d like to see anything in particular.




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