Hey angels! I hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to share some pieces that I am obsessed with for spring 2018, and that I would 100% wear. Remember that fashion is play, so don’t take it so seriously.  I hope that you guys find this post interesting, and if you do give it a like to let me know! Thanks a million.

These Colovos trousers are honestly so stunning to me. I think that the cut would be super flattering on practically anyone. I would totally style these with a little tank top tucked into them. It would be perfect for traveling as well! 
SALLY - Denim dress - Creme
This dress from Nanushka screams spring to me! The cream colored denim is so going to be my go-to for this spring, and this dress is just everything that I love. It totally reminds me of a dress that Marilyn Monroe wore for a shoot once, it was outside in the sunshine… I just have a huge vision for this dress, okay?
plaidpantnew edit.jpg
I love playing around with fashion. That’s what fashion is, it’s all play. If you take something so… For lack of a better term, superficial, seriously… I can’t understand. I think it’s something fun and not worth making fun of someone for, or caring if you’re made fun of for it. These pants from Danielle Guizio are one of my favorite pieces ever! I love the zipper detailing, color combo, and overall silhouette. They’re slightly baggy, which I haven’t seen a lot with this exact tartan print. I would totally wear something a little more polished with these, or I’d go all in with just a sports bra and dad sneakers. 
Knorts is one of my new, favorite brands. This is their space zip-up sweater, and it’s totally out of this world. Yes, I did just do that. They create these stunning denim pieces. If you love a good denim, definitely check them out! I think that this would be so perfect on a chillier spring day. 
etro circus print pants 181d1763144200001 12
These are not everyone’s cup of tea… I know that. BUT! They are mine! These trousers from Etro, one of my FAVORITE designer brands… are so amazing. They’re actually part of the circus collection, and if you click the link you can see the details are insane. I am obsessed!
I am attempting to be less obsessive… So I only chose one product from Off-White. This is a huge moment for me. I am obsessed with any sandals with this sort of silhouette. They’re comfy, casual, and you can dress them up. I feel like the yellow straps would actually be such a great pop of color for an outfit. I really do love this shoe… Like a lot! Would you ever wear them? Comment below!

I really hope that you guys loved this post! I thought that it was super fun, and a little bit more unique than some of my other posts. Let me know what you thought. Also, make sure to check out all of the links below if you’re interested in any of these products/brands. Thanks so much for reading as always!


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  1. I’m obsessed with those plaid pants!! I seriously need to set aside some money to go thrifting ASAP because I would love to find some cool unique pieces. I agree – fashion is play and it’s supposed to be fun and expressive and creative! I’m used to critiquing my style since I never feel stylish, so I need to have more fun with it!

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