Hey guys! I wanted to share a quick little OOTD. I wore this a couple of days ago, and I was totally obsessed. It was insanely hot out for February, soooo I decided to wear shorts and tights. It’s a different look, some might say bold. What about you? Would you try out that combo?

This red oversized gingham printed coat with faux sherpa/fur is from Costco! It’s actually a men’s jacket, but I find that they fit my shoulders the most comfortably.
I have no idea where these tights are from, but you can find them literally anywhere. They’re ancient. The cropped turtleneck is one of my favorite pieces from Brandy Melville. I am beyond obsessed with it. These are just a random pair of denim shorts that my sister gave me. (Oops!)
These actually used to be my brother’s! They are unworn because he played basketball for like a month when he was 12… The closest I could find to them are these. 
Do you guys like these  more posed shots? Let me know in the comments, please!

Thank you angels so much for reading. It honestly means the world to me. Let me know what other styles you’d like to see me try! Also, if you’re curious about the makeup look I have on in this post, it’s from this video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxhdBiPY49E&t=712s





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