Hey everyone! So you know how sometimes you want to make something work so much to the point that you start creating a toxic environment for yourself? I have been going through that the past month or so. Which is part of the reason that I’ve been MIA on here. I tend to try so hard to constantly be a source of positive energy for people and creative energy for myself. But these are really difficult to try and juggle at the same time, all the time. I also get stressed out when goals that I have aren’t being accomplished as quickly as I feel that they should be… But things take time. That’s okay. I just need the reminder sometimes, maybe you do too. Anyways I just thought I’d give a random little insight as to the reason for my absence. (And a peek into the chaos in my head, haha)

So now, I would love to share one of my favorite outfits that I’ve possibly ever put together… Simple, casual, dress-y, curvy, feminine, masculine, you get my point.

LBD is from Brandy Melville. I can’t remember the name of the cut, but it is my favorite dress fit of all time. 
The fanny pack/belt bag is from ROOTS CANADA. Literally bought in Canada like a while ago… Probably 15-20 years. You can find fanny packs anywhere right now. 
The belt I’m wearing (this is a diy fanny pack, which makes it cooler) is from fossil!
Sneakers of course. Literally my dad’s because he just bought them, and I think they’re amazing. Also, I did my mom’s makeup for a video… Should I let my dad do my makeup?! LINK BELOW

So that’s that! What do you think? Love it? Hate it? I don’t really care if you hate it though… I love it too much! Thank you so much for reading. Check out my most recent youtube videos if you’d like to…  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMbEdkGPTfTkQuI0iTzak4Q?view_as=subscriber



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