This Weather is Wild// Mini Lookbook

Hey angels! It has been… a HOT minute. I have been a bit frazzled the past few months, but fear not! I am once again going to be making modmuses a priority. I love writing blog posts and sharing pictures with you all so much.I hope you like this kind of in between lookbook!

This first look is completely thrifted! Excluding the Adidas sneakers, which I need to clean desperately. These baby pink mom jeans are adorable! I wanted to dive in with the color and 90’s vibe, so I chose the sneakers and striped sweater.

This second look is probably my favorite! I love this thrifted yellow button down. Yellow is my favorite color, always has been… Always will be! I put these American Eagle bermuda short with it. I kind of went crazy chopping these up, but I also kind of love them. I also added these cute little black booties. I just genuinely think this outfit is cool and a bit model off duty-esque.

This outfit is also super “cool girl”… Kind of my vibe for 2019! I am obsessed with this cornflower blue Pendleton blazer that I thrifted. I paired it with some linen trousers, the same Adidas sneakers, and a grey tank top. I really love the way this outfit looks. Comfy and a little bit could be dressy.

This is such a major look, in my opinion. I love mixing patterns, and a pop of color with black and white is just a game changer! This entire look was thrifted. This blouse is one of my favorites of all time, it’s silky and divine! It’s kind of a mixture of different animal prints with some pops of yellow. I paired it with these 50’s cut ankle length trousers and yellow flats!

This is another super cute look! I found this faux snakeskin top thrifting, and this skirt is also thrifted! The booties are old from Forever21, but they are so comfy and have lasted so long! I think this outfit is so gorgeous and wearable.

Alright this outfit is the comfy one thrown in the mix! It is all thrifted as well. Let me know if I should do a thrifting guide? I may do one anyways, but let me know if you would for sure like to see it! This Ralph Lauren pullover is the most comfortable thing I own, by far. These shorts are super cool and high waisted and I kinda feel like going on a safari when I wear them. In a good way. And these little sandals are super comfy and beachy!

And this outfit! I like to call it my pirate outfit. I genuinely love shoulder pads, and this blouse has some huge ones! I find they can really add some dimension to a look, and also help accentuate your shape. Especially if you’re like me, and you’ll do anything to look more like a 6′ tall model. Once again, everything is thrifted!

Thank you angels so, so much for reading this. I really hope that you enjoyed it. Let me know if you’d like some posts centered around thrifting and finding vintage pieces! I’ll chat with you soon.



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