Hey angels! I am back, finally. I hope everyone has been well, and I am beyond excited to be back. I wanted to do something fun for today’s post sooo colorful looks are a duh!

I always love a green moment, and this look is one of my favorites. I went for a bright lime shadow and this vintage sage blouse. Let’s continue to the next color!

Blue jean baby. Yay? Nay? YAY! I am obsessed with the double wing cat eye. Especially in bright colors! Feeling absolutely major with this little denim vest and fun blue liner.

YELLOW! My personal favorite, always. There is just something about it… Did you know it’s actually the most noticeable color to the human eye? Anywho, I wanted to do something blown out and casual for this color. I just put a warm mustard through my crease and a yellow gold in my inner corners. This thrifted blouse is the perfect tone with this look.

Next up on the schedule, orange! I love a good orange lip, especially with a glossy finish. It’s such a fun look if you get tired of a traditional red lip! This white linen blazer is so crisp with this minimal makeup.

If you tell me red doesn’t make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world… You may just be a liar. I feel like we’re all so used to seeing that perfect matte red lip, so I wanted to go a little out of the box! I mixed a few different formulas to create this sort of “makeout” lip stain vibe. I decided to keep the look playful by adding this semi sheer zebra print top!

Finally, last but not least, PURPLE! I really wanted to go in with a purple lip, almost alien-esque. Purple is honestly the color I feel the least myself in, I wish I knew why. I really love the way that this look turned out though! I paired it with a soft lilac sweater for a sort of contrast that I feel looks epic.

Alrighty folks! That is all that I have for you today. I really hope that everyone enjoyed this post, I had so much fun sharing this. And I can’t wait to be sharing more, let me know what days you’d like to see new posts! Thank you so much for reading, angel.



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