6 Questions: Julie Hemsky of Jugar N Spice

Hey guys! Today I have another q&a, I am so excited to be making a series here on my blog. This second installment of 6 questions is with the sweetest angel, Julie of JugarnSpice Jewelry. Let's get into it! M: Introduce yourself, share a few interesting facts that best describe your personality. J: I have… Continue reading 6 Questions: Julie Hemsky of Jugar N Spice

Why I Wear Makeup

Hey guys! Today I just wanted to write about makeup. Why I wear it, why I love it. To start off, it is the most powerful form of self expression for me personally. I can portray how I'm feeling with makeup, it's just like painting. There aren't any rules when it comes to makeup. I… Continue reading Why I Wear Makeup