Hey everyone! So you know how sometimes you want to make something work so much to the point that you start creating a toxic environment for yourself? I have been going through that the past month or so. Which is part of the reason that I've been MIA on here. I tend to try so… Continue reading OOTD// VINTAGE BELT BAG + DAD SNEAKERS

My Favorite Fashion Moment of the Week// December 2017

Hey guys! I am starting another mini series. This is going to be a weekly post with my favorite fashion/style moment of the week. I encourage you guys to leave your favorite in the comments below! I want to hear about your style favorites, and maybe what's inspired you to try a different look this… Continue reading My Favorite Fashion Moment of the Week// December 2017

February Favorites

Hey guys! Since today is the first day of March, I thought I would post my very first monthly favorites! I have never done a favorites post, I honestly don't know why. I am so invested in modmuses now, and I want to make quality content for my readers. 💛 Now enough cheesiness, onto the… Continue reading February Favorites