Vacation Staples: Face Makeup 

Hey guys! Here's is the next installment of my Vacation Staples series, face makeup. Last time, I shared my favorite brushes with you. I am so excited to be doing this series, it's a blast! Without further ado, let's get started. Let's start with the boring stuff, haha! Personally, I prefer the lowest maintenance skin possible… Continue reading Vacation Staples: Face Makeup 

Makeup Haul

Hey guys! So today I just wanted to share some of the products I've picked up recently. Let me know if there's a particular product you would like a review on, or a tutorial! Let's get into it. First up! Ardell wispies from Kroger, they have the best deal on lashes. For some reason they… Continue reading Makeup Haul

Travel Essentials: MAKEUP

Hello everyone! This will be the first of a few "Travel Essential" posts. I wanted to start with makeup first because I think it's so easy to not know how to pack a small amount of makeup that has multiple uses. My first two products are for when I want to look a little extra… Continue reading Travel Essentials: MAKEUP