My Favorite YouTube Channels, A-G

Hey guys! I wanted to take a little day to share some of my favorite youtube channels! I will list what style of videos they create next to their name, so that you can check out the style you prefer to watch. Let me know if you like this style of post by liking it,… Continue reading My Favorite YouTube Channels, A-G

35 Little Joys

Those mornings where you wake up before your alarm, open your blinds, and admire the moon before she hides away for the day. The vividness of nature in the fall and winter because of the cool air. Taking a sip of coffee, or tea, and it being the absolute perfect temperature. Not too hot, not… Continue reading 35 Little Joys

Ace Girls USA, What is it?

Hey guys! So first off, today is my mom's birthday 🎉 Okay, now onto the post... Alrighty, in case you didn't know I swam competitively for about twelve years. It helped to shape me into the person that I am today, and it really helped me through some tough times. I no longer swim, but… Continue reading Ace Girls USA, What is it?